Dual Alternator Kits (Includes 1 Alternator)

Prefer not to tamper with your vehicle's OEM alternator, wiring, or charging system? Our 1 Alternator Dual Bracket Kit allows you to keep your factory alternator for powering your vehicle, while dedicating a robust 400+ Amp alternator exclusively to your audio system!


This setup is particularly beneficial when utilizing two different battery chemistries. Your OEM alternator efficiently charges your stock-style under hood battery, while our dedicated Mechman Alternator powers an additional 12-volt, 14-volt, 16-volt battery, or any new lithium-based chemistry within specific charging ranges. Explore our Plugs and Harnesses section for hassle-free, plug-and-play charging options to optimize voltage. Click Here: Voltage Boosters!


Note: This kit is intended for use with your factory alternator only in its original spot. The belt included has been appropriately sized for this.