Since 1978, Mechman has been committed to providing extreme quality Alternators, in Short, you receive a product exactly as advertised unlike other eBay "High Output Alternators".

Mechman High Output Alternators are torture tested in the most extreme environments to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship possible. They Race what they build! They specialize in bolt-in high output charging solutions for your vehicle, with applications to fit almost any application. Mechman High Output Alternators offer upgrades for many applications that use the latest technology to provide an alternator that is far superior to the original design in both durability and performance. Mechman High Output Alternators are continually developing new applications to provide the broadest coverage of vehicles of any high output alternator manufacturer.

Mechman Elite & S Series alternators employ cutting edge alternator technology not found in other aftermarket alternators. 6 phase hairpin stators make them fundamentally more efficient than other aftermarket alternators. This new technology and increased efficiency equates to incredible output at extremely low engine RPM, less energy wasted in the form of heat, and more horsepower to the wheels. Also, because less heat is being generated, the internal components of Mechman Elite & S Series alternators last longer. This is especially beneficial on turbocharged and/or endurance racing vehicles with high engine compartment temperatures. All Mechman Elite & S Series alternators feature soldered stator and rectifier connections, with epoxy re-enforced stator connections, reducing the chance of vibration failures.

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