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400 Amp Black Billet High Output Alternator For GM Truck / SUV With OEM STRETCH BELT

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Most Alternators Are Custom Built To Order. Standard Build Time Is 1-3 Days. If You Need An Alternator Sooner Than That, Please Contact A Sales Associate To See If Any In-Stock Options Are Available.
18.00 LBS

This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75-inch diameter alternator pulley but will NOT require a shorter belt! Not recommended for sustained use ab…

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This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75-inch diameter alternator pulley but will NOT require a shorter belt! Not recommended for sustained use above 5,000 RPM engine speed(racing). The Elite series offers the highest possible amperage and durability available in a large case alternator. 6 phase technology combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 diodes makes these alternators totally durable for daily use, while still maintaining 200+ amps at engine idle speeds.

Redesigned using our traditional 1996-2018 billet housings as a base, we've improved the geometry on this housing making it compatible with the new vehicles OEM stretch belt system. This is the only aftermarket high output alternator that will use the OEM stretch belt. Like all of our products, we engineer, R&D and create products that will work CORRECTLY in the given application, taking the guess work out of it for our customers whenever we can. We do not copy products when we know they can be made better. These new housings may look very similar to our older housings; however, they are much different where it matters.

These alternators use the more robust 4 pin style regulator than the OE 2 pin ECU controlled alternator. There is no extreme voltage fluctuation as this will bypass the RVC charging system on all 2005> GM truck applications. Simply install the included 1 wire P101 harness and the included FT101 fuse tap harness to a tested 12v switched source and then plug in the included P103 module into the vehicles 2 pin original alternator wiring harness. No check battery light, no computer-controlled voltage swings. The voltage you want, when you want it!

Is a stretch belt the same as a serpentine belt? Although these belts may look like standard Poly-V / Poly-V Serpentine belts, they are very different. These specially designed belts have self-tensioning capabilities required by specific original equipment (OE) drives designed for a “stretch” belt.

Stretch belts can take loads off of the main accessory belt drive, allow for better packaging and solve NVH problems that can occur with a longer serpentine belt. Less belt means less tension with fewer noise and vibration problems. More stretch belts are hitting the market and may become the belt of choice as accessory drive components are removed from the front of the engine.

If you see a belt on a late-model vehicle that does not have an automatic tensioner and runs between just two or three components, it’s probably a stretch belt. Some OE belts will have the words “stretchy” or “stretch” written on the back. These types of belts typically are used to drive the water pump, A/C compressor or power steering pump but are slowly being phased into the main drive system.

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