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Mechman Billet 370 Amp HO Alternator with Extreme-Wrap for select 4.6L 5.4L Ford

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Most alternators are custom built to order. Standard build time is 1-3 Days. If you need an alternator sooner than that, please contact a sales associate to see if any in-stock options are available.
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THE WAIT IS OVER!!! A true 300+ amp alternator for the SOHC Ford Modular Engine family can now be utilized in a real-world application. We have 100% …

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THE WAIT IS OVER!!! A true 300+ amp alternator for the SOHC Ford Modular Engine family can now be utilized in a real-world application. We have 100% solved the poor belt wrap that has held this platform back for years.

Since the early 2000's these V8 & V10 SOHC engines have had some of the worst belt wrap for an upgraded high output alternator. With the belt only touching appx. 1.2" of effective pulley surface area, this left little to no grip needed to properly operate a high output alternator over 250 amps. This is having been the reason we are one of if not the only manufacturer to limit our selection to just a 250-amp version for so long. We either do it right or not at all.

There are many different fitments and brackets throughout the years on the engines, but we have chosen to include all the necessary brackets, hardware and pertinent items needed to mount this alternator CORRECTLY. Correctly in this case means with a properly designed upper bracket area to eliminate alternator flex and belt deflection. You may or may not need all hardware/brackets included to install on your application. We chose to provide all that would be needed just in case of mid-year changes or fitments that has been discovered. (see all included items in picture gallery)

This is THE ONLY alternator of its kind like this in the world for this platform and proves that we look to innovate and not duplicate like our competition. Please be sure to check out our ultra detailed instructions online for this P# to better familiarize yourself with why this is hands down the best option for the SOHC engines.

Mechman Extreme-Wrap
Ford engines are known for having poor alternator pulley belt wrap, typically with only 25% contact! Furthermore, aftermarket alternators use smaller overdrive pulleys, which further decreases that contact. High-Output Alternators need adequate pulley-to-belt contact to sustain their increased loads. An industry first, Mechman offers a solution. With the Extreme-Wrap feature, the original idlers are moved closer to the alternator pulley, effectively doubling belt contact!

Installation notes:

Uses OEM 3pin Ford regulator unless otherwise noted, plug and play.

Must use 0-gauge power and ground wires directly to battery for best install performance results.

In some/most applications you will reuse and/or relocate your OEM idler pulley(s) to maximize grip. See instructions for belt size recommendations.

Optional idler pulley add-ons for even more extreme grip!

Please refer to any and all pictures in the included instructions. Fitment is tight in some applications; however, all testing has shown no signs of wear or fail due to fitment location restrictions.

Fitment Guide:

FORDCrown Victoria4.605-11240a
FORDE-Series Van4.6/5.409-11240a
FORDE-Series Van6.809-11240a
MERCURYGrand Marquis4.6 05-11240a
Warranty Information

2 year performance guarantee.

The MechMan two year warranty applies to Mechman Alternators sold ON or AFTER 07/13/2011. This limited two year warranty allows the customer to return his or her MechMan alternator for repair for a full two years after the alternator purchase date. This warranty does not cover other parts or equipment on the vehicle, and does not cover labor for removal or installation of the alternator. This warranty is VOID if the MechMan alternator is modified, physically abused, misused, improperly installed, or is not used in the application for which it was designed. The MechMan two year warranty is non-transferrable. The customer must include a copy of the original invoice when sending in their alternator in order to receive warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the alternator to the Mechman facility for warranty service, Mechman will pay return shipping back to the customer for all alternators under warranty. As an added service, MechMan will also service any MechMan alternator of any age or condition for the cost of parts and return shipping. (We provide the labor to repair the alternator for free!)

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