How to Find a shorter belt.

Feb 06, 2024

How to Find a shorter belt.

Thanks to the Dayco brand belt supplier they have made it quite simple to find the slightly shorter (or LONGER!) belt REQUIRED on our applications that state one is needed. If your Mechman alternator has the smaller 1.75"(46mm) pulley the chances of needing a slightly shorter belt is very likely. Usually a 1/2" or 3/4" shorter belt will get the proper tension needed to be able to operate your Mechman high output alternator to its full potential. 

The ideal or best belt for your high output alternator will have your vehicles factory spring/tensioner in the same spot as your OE belt/alternator combination. Too loose, it will slip. Too tight, premature wear on components.  The factory tensioner marks are your best confirmation that you have chosen the correct belt length!

Step 1:  Click here:  Catalog | Dayco Aftermarket North America | Move Forward. Always.™ 

Step 2: Enter your vehicles MAKE / MODEL / YEAR / ENGINE (((or you can even use your LICENSE PLATE NUMBER!!! )))

Step 3:  Select the CORRECT belt you're trying to replace.  Many new applications list 2 different belts.  One is for the main drive and the other is usually for an air conditioner accessory. You obviously want the belt that is turning the alternator!

Step 4:  After entering all the above information you will be shown your FACTORY BELT dimensions. You will see a category labeled "EFFECTIVE LENGTH (in):"

Step 5:   Subtract (or add if longer is needed) half an inch from the above effective length number and this will be your NEW shorter high output alternator belt length!  

Step 6:  Click here:   Auto and Heavy-Duty Belts Dimensional and Identification Guide | Dayco Aftermarket North America to search through a database of available sizes using your new information. 

Step 7:  EXAMPLE:

Poly Rib Belt Finder