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400-Amp Machined Billet Alternator For Select Audi / VW Applications

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Most Alternators Are Custom Built To Order. Standard Build Time Is 1-3 Days. If You Need An Alternator Sooner Than That, Please Contact A Sales Associate To See If Any In-Stock Options Are Available.
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The time has come!  Our brand new 100% custom billet alternator for the Audi and VW customers is here.  No longer do you need to reuse an inferior/wea…

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The time has come!  Our brand new 100% custom billet alternator for the Audi and VW customers is here.  No longer do you need to reuse an inferior/weak factory case style alternator for the much higher quality and efficient Denso based components. We either do it right or not all. 

This alternator is setup using the exact same internals as our signature GM Billet 400-amp alternators that have led the categories in performance, looks and reliability. Enjoy 200+ amps at idle and over 400 amps at driving rpms from a simple alternator swap.  Add a good battery or battery bank and it will make all the power you need.

Installation info:

We do not reuse the weaker OEM voltage regulator in this application.  We use the same GM style 4pin regulator to get a rock solid 14.6-14.9 volts of output. This does require the customer to use a single 12v key on/off fuse/circuit tap connection (harness included). No different than a car audio amplifier with a "remote turn on wire".   This is also very useful if you are running 14 volt or higher voltage lithium chemistry batteries as you now are able to use our plug and play voltage booster harnesses!  It's a win/win!

Due to the idle rpms of these vehicles, we did need to use a 46mm alternator pulley to ensure great charging at idle so this does mean you will need to source a belt that is appx. 1/2" shorter than your oem belt in most cases.  In some applications that may have had idler pulleys replaced by previous owners, non-OEM parts being used over time you may have variations in belt sizes needed.  Always go by the location of your OEM spring tensioner location to verify fitment.  The belt tensioner lines should be the same or as close to the same as the OEM alternator as with the Mechman alternator.  No worries about getting that belt as we have a quick finder link directly on our website. Simply follow the directions and you're good to go!  Quick Belt Finder!

Lastly, to get the most/optimum power out of our alternator we do require adding 0-gauge power and 0-gauge ground wire directly from our alternator to the battery(s) you are wanting to charge. You can leave all OEM wiring in place and just ADD these supplement wires/cables. It's just that simple and just that easy!

Fitment Guide:

Audi A3 / A3 Quattro 2009 - 2013 2.0L
Audi A4 / A4 Quattro 2007 -2009 2.0L
Audi TT / TT Quattro 2009 -2010 2.0L
Volkswagen / Beetle / 2.0L 2011-2013
Volkswagen / CC / 2.0L / 2009-2017
Volkswagen / EOS / 2.0L / 2009-2016
Volkswagen / GTI / 2.0L / 2008-2014
Volkswagen / Jetta / 2.0L / 2008-2013
Volkswagen / Passat / 2.0L / 2008-2010
Volkswagen / Tiguan & Limited / 2.0L / 2009-2018


Due to varying mid model year changes, vehicle options and retrofits, we equipped this alternator with a 7-rib pulley.  All of these applications will either use a 6-rib or 7-rib belt.  We chose the 7-rib belt for less chance of having fitment issues.  So, if your current alternator uses a 6-rib belt, have no worries when you receive this alternator with a 7-rib pulley.  The extra rib will not be reused and has no side effects or issues in doing so. This is simply a convenience option we chose for customer questions and fitments.

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